Knife & Edged Weapons Awareness Programme

acs martial arts - KEWAP FOR OVER 18s

KEWAP (over 18s)

Knife and Edged Weapons Awareness Programme

It's almost become a daily routine for the papers. Even the evening news reports both national and local reference the sad almost expected statistic of yet another knife crime. In an age where you are more likely to be killed by an edged weapon - and the variety of edged weapons excluding knives is both varied and abundant - it makes sense to prepare yourself (or your loved ones) with a little training and education....that’s where KEWAP comes in.

KEWAP - Knife and Edged Weapons Awareness Programme (18 years + for under 18s please use this link)

KEWAP isn't about knife fighting, unarmed combat or military orientated technique practice it's about:
  • awareness
  • understanding the threat
  • avoidance
  • confidence
  • and so much more.

KEWAP teaches you that there's nothing cool about carrying a knife and highlights the life changing risks knife carriers are exposing themselves to.

KEWAP teaches you that not every edged weapon is a knife, everyday household items have been used in edged weapon attacks.

KEWAP teaches you some very simple, when all else fails knife defence techniques (18s and older only)

These techniques have been designed for those individuals who have little or no martial arts or self-defence training. Importantly, KEWAP techniques do not require strength, time-served training or any real knowledge of urban combat in order to make them effective.

Knowledge empowers the individual and that's exactly what KEWAP is designed to do. A typical over 18s KEWAP knife and edged weapons awareness programme session will include the following:

  • The law in relation to knives and related items
  • Types of edged weapons
  • Types of injuries
  • Best practice protocols for personal security procedures
  • Precursors to an attack/the attack ritual
  • Threat assessment and solution
  • Controlling the range/distance between safety and danger
  • The use of reasonable force and the law
  • Response options/techniques to a knife or edged weapon attack (*18 years and above only)
  • Post conflict and first aid

KEWAP, Knife and Edged Weapons Awareness Programme is ideally suited for youth organisations, universities, colleges, schools (under 18 specific) employers, public service workers. They don't require fancy equipment and all essentials for course presentation are supplied by the instructor.

If you'd like to know more or arrange a KEWAP session in the Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire Areas then please contact: David Brown using this contact form.